As the need to discover and utilise renewable energy sources becomes more prevalent, we are always looking for new ways o incorporating such technology into the properties that we construct.

Each of our projects will incorporate a number of products that will not only reduce the overall annual running cost for the owner, but also use sustainable resources, so reducing the overall environmental impact.

Rainwater Harvesting

In addition to reducing the energy that is used to run a property, we are also mindful of incorporating ideas that reduce the impact of waste on the environment. By installing a Rainwater Harvesting system, the collected surface water is collected and piped into a large, several thousand litre, underground holding tank. It is then filtered and pumped back into the house and used for flushing the toilets and/or filling the washing machine, or indeed watering the garden in the summer months.

Solar Panels

The installation of In-Roof Solar Panels on this project will save the occupants approximately 10% on their annual energy bills. Dependant upon demand and the climate, this 7.2 square metre panel set, managed by the intelligent control system, should easily provide all of the domestic hot water required for family life.